When we launched our campaign on the 12th May 2009, we made two ambitious pledges which we intended to deliver over a two year period;

1. To deliver the best patient experience in the NHS.
2. To improve the working experience for our staff, who we rely on to deliver safe, responsive and personalised health care services.

The campaign was launched as we neared the end of our major hospital rebuilding programme and transferred staff and services into our brand new hospitals, Royal Manchester Children’s hospital, the Royal Eye Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital, as well as a number of new medical wards and the new Clinical Science Buildings hosting some of the best laboratory services in the country. Moves of this magnitude pose many challenges, but it is a credit to all staff that they readily embraced the Quality Campaign during this busy period developing innovative ways to improve the patient experience throughout the same period and continuing throughout the year.

As well as our clinical teams we have been very clear that all staff, not just those with direct patient contact are vital to delivering the best patient experience in the NHS. Some examples include; teams who have worked on improving patient information including developing templates to improve patient letters ensuring that patients arrive on time and in the right place thus reducing the stress of attending appointments and the procurement team who have worked with clinical staff to improve the ordering systems so that the correct items are available, in the right quantities, at the right time thereby preventing delays in treatment and investigations.

This report outlines the very real achievements made by our staff to deliver the best patient experience in the NHS. Many of these improvements have been achieved at little cost and demonstrate that small changes can make a big difference. This year has provided us with a real foundation to build on and an opportunity to capitalise on the breadth of ideas and experiences our staff and service users bring to improving the quality of services in our hospitals.

This website demonstrates that our staff have the desire and ability to make the changes needed to deliver our pledges. We hope that this website will help us all to re-energise and inspire us to continue our improvements to deliver our pledges to patients and to staff over the next twelve months.

Thank you,

Gill Heaton
Director of Patient Services/Chief Nurse

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